Our Biometric Time & Attendance solutions are designed to help organizations enhance the ways in which they manage their most important resource- their people. For most organizations the employee cost is one of their largest costs, yet it is often one of the most inefficient aspects of the business process. Poor time & attendance impose a heavy administrative burden on employers as they reconcile hours worked by their staff. Inefficient systems are open to abuse and often result in company owners and shareholders paying for buddy clocking or inadvertently rewarding late-running workers.

With a biometric time & attendance system, employees clock by scanning a finger when they arrive at or leave work. No one can sign in for them (proxy) and there is no way they can disguise the fact that they are late for work or sneaking away early. Clocking can be synchronized to a central database even for multiple remote locations allowing managers to interrogate & analyze their employees work patterns without leaving their desks. The data can be exported to their preferred payroll software at the push of a button.

Mark Attendance With




QR Code





  • Web interface
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly reporting of attendance data
  • Easy to setup organization structure and manage employees, departments etc.
  • Complete management of resource status through a single service
  • Locked to the allocated terminals
  • Can be linked to employees payroll
  • Login for supervisor/contractor supported to access reports
  • Unlimited number of shifts and schedules.
  • User-defined multiple holiday lists


The attendance management of employees can be done in various ways and using an attendance app for management can be one. Admin can easily manage attendance reports as well as absenteeism of employees just by sitting at a place.

In organizations which employees a large number of employees or students make use of QR based attendance. Each individual has its unique QR code which needs to be scanned for marking attendance. QR code-based attendance can reduce the fraud-related with the attendance and hence results in increasing the efficiency of organizations.


  • Employee Mark their Attendance With Live GPS Location
  • Employee Mark their Attendance With QR CODE
  • Feature Of Out station attendance (OSD) Mark so that employer can track their employee with every punch
  • Feature Of Leave request so that employee can send the request through this app
  • Employee can see their Profile Details in the app main screen
  • Feature Of Password Reset is also their in app



Employee Tracker App is very user friendly Mobile Attendance App For Field Employees to mark attendance, check attendance take leave etc .


  • Employee Mark their Attendance With Live Location
  • Feature Of Out station attendance (OSD) Mark so that employer can track their employee with every punch
  • Feature Of Leave request so that employee can send the request through this app
  • Employee can see their Profile Details in the app main screen
  • Feature Of Password Reset is also their in app



Mark attendance with face instead of usual methods like fingerprint or manual, just stands in front of camera and application automatically detect the face if it's valid then attendance marked else it shows error enrollment process is very simple just select employee and capture his face. attendance directly reflects on our web portal. Admin panel and attendance panel both in single app only admin can get access for enrolment and other features


  • Touch Less Face Recognition System
  • Simple Enrollment Process
  • Alternative To Your Existing Finger Based Attendance System
  • Accurate GPS location captured
  • Accurate clock-in and clock-out time
  • Location Based Attendance System.
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Easy to use
  • Real time attendance can be viewed from Idsurv web-portal from anywhere
  • Customized Attendance Report


Enterprises today need solutions which can help them automate their systems and help grow without investments in additional manpower as well as automating processes utilising existing employees to maximise revenue growth thus improving the ARPE - Average Revenue per Employee. Transline has built robust softwares helping Msme businesses achieve growth year on year. Msme - Money Saved Money Earned.

OPXL Your Supply Chain & Operations Management System helps Enterprises fulfill and execute complex orders across the organization. It helps streamline Sales Supply Chain coordination and bridge gaps for seamless execution of orders. OPXL helps organizations fulfill the order without delays thus committing Total Customer Experience. The system has been designed with latest web technology helping users communicate more efficiently and maximizing output.
OPXL cuts across the entire organization managing Inward & Outward logistics more efficiently, allocating inventories, updating customer , removing duplicity, connecting to logistics providers and much more.

The dashboard has been designed to provide an eagle view to all employees of status of each order raising timely alerts if any.

  • Sales Order Generation
  • Inventory Management
  • Procurement
  • Auto/Manual Invoice generation
  • Material allocation & Serial number capturing
  • Packing List & Stickers generation
  • Shipping Details Capturing
  • Integrated with leading logistics service provider
  • Auto communication to your customers



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